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Tech Science Press publishes peer-review journals and disseminates scholarly open access publishing. Founded in 1997, with a mission to promote academic publishing, Tech Science Press has been striving to hold up to the highest possible publishing standards that all our scholars, researchers, academic groups, and institutions, shall be proud of. Up to date, the press publishes more than 20 academic periodicals in different science and engineering fields. Besides journal publications, the press has also published a series of academic books, monographs, and conference proceedings.


  • International Conference on Energy Engineering

    On behalf of the committee of 2023 International Conference on Energy Engineering (ICEE2023), it gives us great pleasure to invite you to join the ICEE2023 to be held in Xi'an, China.

    The conference will focus on the latest research field of "Energy Engineering", promote the development and integration of related disciplines, grasp the international frontier trends in this field, exchange the latest research results.

    The conference is aimed to provide an international platform for domestic and foreign institutions of higher learning, scientific research institutes, experts, professors, scholars, engineers, etc. to share professional experience, expand professional networks, exchange new ideas face-to-face and display research results, to explore the key challenges and research directions facing the development of this field. Focus on the latest research results of experts and scholars in the key areas of Energy Engineering around the world, and carry out high-level, three-dimensional and international academic exchanges and cooperation.


    The topics considered include energy generation, conversion, conservation, utilization, storage, transmission, system, technologies, management, and sustainability. The studies of the impacts of energy use and energy policy are also welcomed. High quality papers are solicited in, but are not limited to, the following areas:

    • Renewable energy

    • Biofuels and alternatives

    • Fossil energy

    • Nuclear energy

    • Carbon capture and storage

    • Energy generation, conversion, conservation, storage and management

    • Energy systems

    • Hybrid/combined/integrated energy systems

    • Clean energy technologies

    • Advances on combustion engine technologies

    • Energy sustainability, energy waste management, and environmental systems

    • Smart energy system

    • Energy strategy and energy policy

    The conference will select the Excellent Paper Award and the Best Poster Award. We warmly welcome the experts, scientific and technological workers and graduate students who are engaged in the research of energy engineering and related fields to actively contribute and attend this grand event! 
  • International Artificial Intelligence Conference

    The International Artificial Intelligence Conference (IAIC) is scheduled to be held in Nanjing, China from November 24 to 26. As a continuation of the ICAIS conference, which has established itself as the leading conference on artificial intelligence and security over the past seven years, IAI is a highly selective premier international forum for research in computer science and Artificial Intelligence. IAIC builds on ICAIS by focusing on new trends in AI. Apart from the main sessions, the conference will feature workshops, panel discussions, demonstrations, and exhibitions. 



    The conference invites many scholars from all over the world to study AI, with the aim of creating a forum to exchange and communicate current cutting-edge developments in AI and its applications in interdisciplinary fields.



    The organizing committee is pleased to invite you to IAI to discuss the technological frontiers of today's AI and interdisciplinary technology trends.

  • International Conference on Renewable Materials

    The production and application of renewable materials have dramatically reduced the dependence of human beings on fossil-based materials and have contributed to environmental protection and low-carbon recycling economy. Under the guidance of sustainable development strategy, the importance of renewable materials and the irreplaceable role they play are becoming more and more recognized. Renewable materials are developing vigorously and rapidly nowadays. We are holding this conference to build a platform for exchanging and sharing research results in renewable materials and related fields, in the hope of mutual inspiration and progress.

      Topics of interest include but are not limited to Green Materials and Bio-based MaterialsRecyclable and Sustainable Materials; Chemical Modification of Natural Polymers; Green Chemistry and Eco-friendly materials; Renewable& Sustainable Applications in Materials, Engineering, Physics, Biosciences and Chemistry; Polymers and Monomers of Biomaterials; New Bio-applications in Bioenergy, Biocatalysis, Bioaerosols, Bioelectronics.
  • Computer Modeling in Engineering & Sciences

    This journal publishes original research papers of reasonable permanent value, in the areas of computational mechanics, computational physics, computational chemistry, and computational biology, pertinent to solids, fluids, gases, biomaterials, and other continua.  Various length scales (quantum, nano, micro, meso, and macro), and multiple time scales (picoseconds to hours) are of interest. Papers which deal with multi-physics problems, as well as those which deal with the interfaces of mechanics, chemistry, and biology, are particularly encouraged. New computational approaches, and more efficient algorithms, which eventually make near-real-time computations possible, are welcome. Original papers dealing with modern methods such as meshless methods, and mesh-reduction methods are sought.

  • Fluid Dynamics & Materials Processing

    The Journal is intended to cover some "frontier" aspects of materials science and, in particular, the most modern and advanced processes for the production of inorganic (semiconductors and metal alloys), organic (protein crystals) materials and "living" (in vitro) biological tissues, with emphasis on the fluid-dynamic conditions under which they are operated. The Journal focuses on the final properties of these materials as well as on fluid-mechanical aspects pertaining to the technological processes used to grow them. Some attention is devoted as well to all those problems of “structure/fluid” interaction that have extensive background applications in important fields such as marine, aeronautical and aerospace engineering.

  • Molecular & Cellular Biomechanics

    Molecular & Cellular Biomechanics is published by Tech Science Press. The field of biomechanics concerns with motion, deformation, and forces in biological systems. With the explosive progress in molecular biology, genomic engineering, bioimaging, and nanotechnology, there will be an ever-increasing generation of knowledge and information concerning the mechanobiology of genes, proteins, cells, tissues, and organs. Such information will bring new diagnostic tools, new therapeutic approaches, and new knowledges on ourselves and our interactions with our environment. It becomes apparent that biomechanics focusing on molecules, cells as well as tissues and organs is an important aspect of modern biomedical sciences. 

  • Structural Durability & Health Monitoring

    In order to maintain a reasonable cost for large-scale structures such as airframes, offshore structures, nuclear plants etc., it is generally accepted that improved methods for structural integrity and durability assessment are required. Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) had emerged as an active area of research for fatigue life and damage accumulation prognostics.

  • Journal of Renewable Materials

    The Journal of Renewable Materials (JRM) publishes high-quality peer-reviewed original research and review articles on macromolecules and additives obtained from renewable/biobased resources. Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach, JRM introduces cutting-edge research on biobased monomers, polymers, additives (both organic and inorganic), their blends and composites. JRM showcases both fundamental aspects and applications of renewable materials. The fundamental topics include the synthesis and polymerization of biobased monomers and macromonomers, the chemical modification of natural polymers, as well as the characterization, structure-property relationships, processing, recycling, bio and environmental degradation and life cycle analysis of the ensuing materials, in view of their potential applications. Within this sustainability approach, green chemistry processes and studies falling within biorefinery contexts are strongly favored.


    BIOCELL welcomes articles reporting research on Cell and Molecular Biology, and on the sub-organismal and organismal aspects of Vertebrate Reproduction and Development, Invertebrate Biology and Plant Biology. Brief reports are also accepted. Review papers will be considered only after an invitation by the Editorial Board.

  • Phyton-International Journal of Experimental Botany

    This Journal publishes original articles, short and technical notes and review articles in all fields of botany, and the biology of soils or terrestrial and aquatic plants. Manuscripts reporting results of descriptive, historical and experimental studies on any aspect of botany, and soil or plant biology, and at the scale of organism, population, community, ecosystem and landscape are solicited, as well as manuscripts on ecological theory. Phyton-International Journal of Experimental Botany also publishes Symposium proceedings, thesis and comments on recent papers in the journal.

  • Sound & Vibration

    Sound & Vibration is a journal intended for individuals with broad-based interests in noise and vibration control, dynamic measurements, structural analysis, computer-aided engineering, machinery reliability, and dynamic testing. The brand content and editorial scope of the publication includes practical engineering articles tied to the featured topic of each issue, show issues connected to selected engineering conferences, industry news, product-oriented buyer's guides and new product information.

  • Energy Engineering

    Energy Engineering is a monthly peer-reviewed publication. The journal invites original manuscripts involving scientific, engineering or analytical approaches to planning, development, operation, management, and finances of energy-related programs. It also publishes studies into the impacts of energy use and energy policy.

  • International Journal of Mental Health Promotion

    The first journal of its kind in the field, IJMHP publishes materials of distinction, making it essential reading for those with a professional or personal interest in mental health promotion. IJMHP co-ordinates the dissemination of new research outcomes to all those involved in policy making and the implementation of mental health promotion and mental disorder prevention policies. This makes it indispensable to clinical/medical staff, health services researchers, managers, health promoters, educationalists, sociologists, health economists and practitioners from all branches of health and social care, publishing materials by and for all these communities.
    IJMHP is an official publication of the Clifford Beers Foundation, who work to promote mental health and prevent mental disorders through dissemination of knowledge, training partnerships and consultation. The journal is peer reviewed by an expert international board and acts as a comprehensive information resource designed to increase awareness, foster understanding and promote collaboration between the different disciplines engaged in this diverse activity of study.

  • Congenital Heart Disease

    Congenital Heart Disease is the first journal focused exclusively on the study and treatment of congenital heart defects in children and adults. We are committed to publishing research articles, reviews, editorials, guidelines, and case reports (mainly by invitation). All manuscripts (including invited) will undergo a rigorous and thorough editorial procedure to promote reliable research findings.