Application of Artificial Intelligence in Civil Engineering

  • Youqin Huang Guangzhou University
  • Jiayong Li
  • Jiyang Fu
Keywords: Artificial intelligence, civil engineering, intelligent algorithms, big data, deep learning, structural maintenance


Artificial intelligence (AI) has been applied in civil engineering for decades. This paper reviews the application and development of AI in civil engineering in recent years, including the AI-related intelligent algorithms, big data technologies and deep learning (DL). In last few years, big data technologies and DL have been successfully applied in various fields with the great progress of machine learning (ML) technologies. However, until now, there has been no related review on DL in civil engineering. To fill this gap, this paper discusses the current situation of deep learning in civil engineering. Through the work of this paper, the research direction and difficulties of artificial intelligence in civil engineering for the past few years can be known.


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