The Stability analysis of cyber-physical Micro grid load frequency control system with time-varying delay and non-linear load perturbations

  • deenadayalan vijeswaran coimbatore institute of technology
Keywords: Delay-dependent stability, time-varying delay, open communication network, nonlinear perturbations, Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional, linear Matrix Inequality (LMI)


In a cyber-physical micro-grid system where control is executed through open communication channel, stability is an important issue. Transfer of feedback variable as discrete data packets in communication network invariably introduces inevitable time-delays in closed loop control systems. This delay depending upon the network traffic condition, inherits a time-varying characteristics. The load perturbations in a micro-grid system are influenced by the presence of fluctuating power generators like wind and solar power. Since these non-conventional energy sources are integrated into the power grid through power electronic interface circuits that usually works at high switching frequency, noise signals are introduced into the micro-grid system and these signals gets super-imposed to the load variations. Based on this back ground, the delay-dependent stability issue of networked micro-grid system combined with time-varying feedback loop delay and uncertain load perturbations is investigated and a deeper insight has been attempted in this paper. The classical Lyapunov-krasovskii method is employed to solve the problem using a standard benchmark micro-grid system, and the proposed stability criterion is validated.


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