Research on the Signal Reconstruction of the Phased Array Structural Health Monitoring Based Using the Basis Pursuit Algorithm

  • Yajie Sun
  • Yanqing Yuan Nanjing University of Information Technology
  • Qi Wang
  • Lihua Wang
  • Enlu Li
  • Li Qiao


The signal processing problem has become increasingly complex and demand high acquisition system,this paper proposes a new method to reconstruct the structure phased array structural health monitoring signal. The method is derived from the compressive sensing theory and the signal is reconstructed by using the basis pursuit algorithm to process the ultrasonic phased array signals. According to the principles of the compressive sensing and signal processing method, non-sparse ultrasonic signals are converted to sparse signals by using sparse transform. The sparse coefficients are obtained by sparse decomposition of the original signal, and then the observation matrix is constructed according to the corresponding sparse coefficients. Finally the original signal is reconstructed by using basis pursuit algorithm, and error analysis is carried on. Experimental research analysis shows that the signal reconstruction method can reduce the signal complexity and required the space efficiently .

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