Research on the relationship between Garlic and Young Garlic Shoot based on Big Data

  • feng guo 18764880721


In view of the problems such as frequent fluctuation of garlic price, lack of efficient forecasting means and difficulty in realizing the steady developmentĀ of garlic industry, combined with the current situation of garlic industry and the collected data information. Taking Big Data platform of garlic industry chain as the core, using the methods of correlation analysis, smoothness test, co-integration test, and Granger causality test, this paper analyzes the correlation, dynamic, and causality between garlic price and young garlic shoot price. According to the current situation of garlic industry, the garlic industry service based on Big Data is put forward. It is concluded that there is a positive correlation between garlic price and young garlic shoot price, and there is a long-term stable dynamic equilibrium relationship between young garlic shoot price and garlic price fluctuation, and young garlic shoot price can affect garlic price. Finally, it is proposed to strengthen the infrastructure construction of garlic Big Data, increase the technological innovation and application of garlic Big Data technology, and promote the safety and security ability of the whole industry to promote the development of garlic industry.

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