Online magnetic flux leakage detection system for sucker rod defects based on LabVIEW programming

  • Ou Zhang Beijing Jiaotong University
  • Xueye Wei Beijing Jiaotong University
Keywords: magnetic flux leakage testing; real-time detection; sucker rod; LabVIEW; acquisition and processing


Aiming at the detection of defects in sucker rod surface, a real-time detection system is designed using the non-destructive testing technology of magnetic flux leakage (MFL). An MFL measurement system contains many components, and this study focuses on the signal acquisition and processing system. First of all, this paper introduces the hardware part of the acquisition system in detail, including the selection and principle of the Hall-effect plural, the design and calculation of the signal conditioning circuit, and the working process of the single chip computer (SCM) control serial port. Based on LabVIEW, a graphical programming software, the software part of the acquisition system is written, including configuration of serial port parameters, identification of detected signals, filtering of original signals, real-time display, storage and playback of data. Finally, an experimental platform for MFL detection is set up, and the MFL measurement is carried out on the transverse and longitudinal defects of the sucker rod surface. The experimental result shows that the designed acquisition and processing system has good detection performance, simple design and high flexibility.

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