Research on the application of super resolution reconstruction algorithm for underwater image

  • Tingting Yang University of Sanya
Keywords: Underwater image, image super-resolution algorithm, algorithm reconstruction, degradation model.


The Ocean is the base of modern high-tech research. High-quality underwater imaging has great applications in scientific research, economics and military. However, due to the special transmission characteristics of light in water, the quality of direct underwater imaging is poor, the ideal effect is not obtained, and the quality of underwater images is improved, which has become the research goal of this subject. This topic is mainly aimed at the characteristics of seawater and the characteristics of optical transmission in seawater. We research the degradation model of underwater images, and analyze the low resolution factors of underwater images in different situations, and compare various algorithms for super-resolution reconstruction. In particular, it is based on the research of super-resolution algorithm of deep convolutional neural network.

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