Secrecy Outage Probability Analysis based on Cognitive Decode-and-forward Relaying

  • Ruoyu Su NJUPT
  • Fei Ding
Keywords: Secure Communication, Relay Selection, Probability Density Function, Average Secrecy Rate


Wireless communications have to face to critical security issues in practice due to the natural characteristic of broadcast. The information theory related to security is well known to provide efficient approaches to address security issues in wireless communications, which attracts much attention in both industry and academia in recent years. In this paper, inspired by information theory, we study the outage probability in the scenario of the opportunistic relay selection based on cognitive decode-and-forward relaying with the secrecy consideration. Specifically, the closed-form expression of the outage probability is proposed. Moreover, the asymptotic performance evaluation on the basis of the analytical results is investigated. The simulation results show that the relay selection can reduce the outage probability in accordance with our theoretical analysis.

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