Free Vibration Analysis of FG-CNTRC Cylindrical Pressure Vessels resting on Pasternak Foundation with Various Boundary Conditions

  • Timon Rabczuk Bauhaus Universit├Ąt Weimar
Keywords: FG-CNTRC cylindrical pressure vessel


This study focuses on vibration analysis of cylindrical pressure vessels constructed by functionally graded carbon nanotube reinforced composites (FG-CNTRC). The vessel is under internal pressure and surrounded by a Pasternak foundation. This investigation was founded based on two-dimensional elastic analysis and used Hamilton's principle to drive the governing equations. The deformations and effective-mechanical properties of the reinforced structure were elicited from the first-order shear theory (FSDT) and rule of mixture, respectively. The main goal of this study is to show the effects of various design parameters such as boundary conditions, reinforcement distribution, foundation parameters, and aspect ratio on the free vibration characteristics of the structure.

Articles on Computational Materials / Mechanics