Ameliorate Security by Introducing Security Server in Software Defined Network

  • Vijila J Anna University
Keywords: SDN, Security Server, Malware Deduction.


Software Defined Networking has set a path for the management of network, especially when it has to be dealt with the huge data processing units. However, security is the major concern in the Software Defined Network (SDN) due the centralisation behaviour. A security server has been on its aid to check the vulnerability in the networks and also keep an eye on the packet according to the screening policies. The security server will be scrutinised by the admin by established a Secure Shell Connection (SSH). The server will be incorporated with the Malware detection and the Intrusion Detection System policies for the effective scanning of the packets. There will be a frequent inspection of the admin by penetrating the network and have an overview of the network’s logs. In response to a suspicious log or the packets in the SDN network he will change the security norms and will tighten the network by discarding the packet. Hence there will be an updating in the security policies in accordance to the attacker mentality.

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