Aims and Scope:

Journal of Information Hiding and Privacy Protectionfocuses on original papers addressing novel ideas, issues, theoretical analysis, implementation, experimental results, systems and applications in the field of Watermarking, Data Hiding, Multimedia Security, and Privacy Protection. Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:


* Concepts and applications of information hiding (among fragile, semi-fragile, robust, and reversible watermarking)

* Multimedia data hiding (in images, videos, text, audio, speech, radio frequency signals and software)

* Security aspect of watermarking and data hiding

* Privacy aspect of watermarking and data hiding

* Digital rights management systems

* Steganography and steganalysis

* Multimedia content security (authentication, camouflage,fingerprinting, forensic analysis, hashing, media encryption and signatures, visual cryptography, key management)

* Attacks and benchmarks for information hiding systems

* Applications of information hiding technology in medicine, law enforcement, remote sensing, and e-Commerce)

* Information security and Privacy Protection (Re-encryption, Homomorphic encryption, Differential privacy)