Alessandro Gandini (agandini@iqsc.usp.br) is a physical chemist who has taught and conducted research for the last fifty years at academic and other institutions in Switzerland, UK, Canada, USA, Cuba, France, Brazil and Portugal, after his first degree in Italy. His main scientific interests are polymer synthesis and characterization, with a special emphasis on polymers from renewable resources, photochemistry, and the physical chemistry of surfaces and interfaces. He has published more than 400 scientific contributions and is an Honorary Doctor of the Saint Petersburg Forestry Academy and of Havana University, and was invested with the Ermine decoration of Grenoble National Polytechnic Institute.

Ramaswamy Nagarajan (Ramaswamy_Nagarajan@uml.edu) is a Professor of Plastics Engineering at the University of
Massachusetts, Lowell and has a science and engineering background with bachelor degrees in chemistry and rubber technology from India and a doctoral degree in polymer science from the University of Massachusetts. His research interest is in the development of “greener”/sustainable routes to advanced functional materials (polymers, additives and surfactants). Working at the interface of science and engineering his research group has been involved in translating fundamental research into engineering applications for advancing technology in new and emerging areas. He has published more than 55 papers in peer-reviewed journals and holds 17 U.S. patents.
Mirta ArangurenUniversity of Mar del Plata, Argentina 
Naceur BelgacemGrenoble Polytechnic, France 
Sami BoufiUniversity of Sfax, Tunisia 
Virginia CadizUniversity of Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain 
Antonio CarvalhoUniversity of São Paulo, Brazil 
Annamaria Celli, University of Bologna, Italy
Craig Clemons, Forest Service, Madison, USA
Henri Cramail, ENSCBP, France
Pedro Fardim, Åbo Academy, Turku, Finland 
Juan Galbis, University of Seville, Spain 
Peter Halley, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
Alfonso Jiménez, University of Alicante, Spain
Hyoe Hatakeyama, Fukui University of Technology, Japan
David Kaplan, Tufts University, USA
Vimal Katiyar, Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, India
Katja LoosUniversity of Groningen, The Netherlands 
Robert Mathers, Penn State University, USA
Amar MohantyUniversity of Guelph, Canada, 
Ravi MosurkalUS Army Natick Soldier RDEC
Ramani NarayanMichigan State University, USA 
Anil Netravali, Cornell University, USA
Carlos PenicheUniversity of Havana, Cuba 
Srikanth PillaClemson University, USA, 
Antonio PizziUniversity of Lorraine, France 
David PlackettUniversity of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada 
Orlando RojasAalto University, Finland 
Kei Saito, Monash University, Australia
Vijay Kumar Thakur, Cranfield University, UK
Chad Ulven, North Dakota State University, Fargo, USA
Xianhong Wang, Chinese Academy of Science, Changchun