Review on Connections for Original Bamboo Structures

  • Haitao Li Nanjing Forestry University
Keywords: original bamboo structure; joint; steel members


Bamboo is a green construction material in line with sustainable development strategies. The use of raw bamboo in architecture has existed since ancient times. In the long development years of original bamboo buildings, many areas in the world gradually formed unique bamboo buildings, which have become an important local cultural feature. For building structures, joints are the key to ensure structural load transfer. Because of hollow and thin-walled material property of bamboo, the connection in raw bamboo buildings has always been a major difficulty and problem in the application of bamboo, which seriously hinders the development of original bamboo structures. In order to promote the use of raw bamboo, two traditional connection methods in raw bamboo structures are described in this paper firstly, with the advantages and disadvantages of the two methods pointed out. Also, research progress on four categories of modern raw bamboo building joints is described namely, bolt joints, steel member joints, filler reinforced joints and other types of joints. This work can provide a reference for future research and engineering applications.